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Date: Aug 12, 2013
Getting an "Active Directory Access Denied" Error - Please Help!

Hello Forum,

I need some help trying to troubleshoot and deal with what seems like an Active Directory permissioning / insufficient rights issue, and am running into problems as I try to do so.

Earlier today, we received a support assistance phone call from one of the company's users who reported that they were unable to logon using their existing password i.e. their password was not working, so their account was locked out.

In such situations, one of our helpdesk admins on duty simply resets the user's password, and communicates it via phone, and usually the problem is resolved. In this case, when the analyst who took the call tried to reset the user's account's password, he got an Active Directory Access Denied error.

At first he thought he made a mistake in tryping the password correctly, but no, he got the same message again, and was unable to reset the user's password.

The issue has been escalated to the team I belong to and since the AD expert is out-of-office on personal leave today, it was assigned to me to resolve. I understand file server permissions and stuff, but am not an AD expert.

I tried looking at the ACL of the account to see who all had the Change Password permissions, and it seems it is granted to Everyone, so I don't know why he is facing an issue. There was also an Allow Reset Password permission granted to IT Team, which is about 40 of us, so that too should have helped, but for some reason, he is being denied access.

Can someone please help me figure out what to look at, and how to solve this Active Directory Access Denied problem? That user is unable to logon yet, and is facing down-time.



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