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Post Info TOPIC: How do I uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0?


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Date: May 30, 2013
How do I uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0?

Hello Forum,

I need some help. I'm running Windows 7, and I dutifully install Microsoft's updates as and when I am notified of an update. I seldom check to see what the update is about since I trust Microsoft to not do silly/unneeded updates.

Earlier this morning, I installed an update, and found that my browser was automatically updated to Internet Explorer 10.0!

I am used to using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 and don't need 10.0. I figured I'd uninstall it so I went to Control Panel -> Programs and Features to use the Uninstall a program feature to uninstall Internet Explorer 10.0, but it is not listed in the lsit of programs!

I seem to be stuck with it, and have no way of removing it. Can someone please help?





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Date: Oct 8, 2013
RE: How do I uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0?

Hello Pablo,

This is rather easy, and you're almost there. Basically, once you're in the Control Panel, in the Programs and Features view, click on View Installed Updates, then in the Uninstall an Update view, scroll down the list until you find Windows Internet Explorer 10.

Once you have found it, simply click on it, then click the Uninstall button on the top, then restart your computer, and you should have sucessfully installed IE 10.0.

So, here are the prcise steps on how to uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 -

1. Click on Start

2. Then click on Control Panel

3. Then click on Programs

4. Then click on View Installed Updates

5. Then locate Windows Internet Explorer 10 in the list of installed updates

6. Select Windows Internet Explorer 10, and click the Uninstall button on Top

7. Restart your computer

Good luck to you.

- Ken

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