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Post Info TOPIC: What does the security of Active Directory have to do with Cyber Security?


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Date: May 14, 2013
What does the security of Active Directory have to do with Cyber Security?


I would like to get your input on the relation between Active Directory and Cyber Security. I ask because there has been much discussion internally in our organization about steps we need to take to improve our cyber security posture, and our identity and access management teams have been trying to get Active Directory under the cyber security umbrella stating that its critical for cyber security.

Some of our colleagues on network security team find this a little far-fetched as they're not sure how it relates to network security, firewalls, the DMZ and perimeter security. However, the guys on the IdM team seem to be adamant about it being central to the protection of stuff stored on our servers, since virtually everything is protected by AD security groups and we do use AD as our central authentication mechanism.

Our identity and access management folks have been trying to get some measures in place (like centralized auditing, access audit, 2-factor authentication etc.) in place for a long time, and I suppose this might help them get the support they need to roll out some of these features.

The network security guys on the other hand are trying to roll out better penetration detection controls, as well as DDOS dectection/prevention hardware based solutions in place.

It would be nice to get some thoughts on how other organizations are viewing this, and what if anything is being done as a part of any cyber security improvement initiatives to enhance Active Directory security.

I look forward to any thoughts/comments anyone might have to share. This forum seemed to be the right place to request inputs, given that there are quite a few AD admins and analysts.

Thank you.



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